Mobile Connect

Mobile Connect

How can you provide information to mobile target groups without having to rely on costly and time-consuming print media? friendlyway’s “Mobile Connect” solution is the perfect answer to your data dissemination needs. Using standard wireless transmission methods such as WLAN, Bluetooth, or infrared, you can transmit your content automatically. Mobile Connect dynamically pre-formats your data for the targeted mobile user devices and lets you disseminate any image, text, video, or audio content.
Mobile Connect

Most major cities in Germany provide their citizens and visitors with street-map-information on their public info terminals. The shown map sections often also include local service advertising and offers, e.g., for restaurants, drycleaners, etc. Once the user has selected an offer, he/she can download the address and route description directly to their mobile phone. Please get in touch with us directly for further details. We would be more than happy to produce an individual quote for you.

Deployment areas: Outdoor advertising, city information, exhibition navigation


  • Wireless transmission (Bluetooth, infrared, WLAN) of image, text, audio, and video data
  • Functionalities can be freely integrated into Web applications
  • Dynamic file format capabilities
  • Automatic recognition of target device
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Interactive application control via mobile user devices


  • On-demand information access
  • Print costs are avoided
  • Flexible implementation of viral marketing
  • Full compatibility with any Bluetooth device

Mobile Connect 2


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