Product Guide

After introducing a digital product guide, one of our customers from the toy sector managed to increase turnover by 147% for the targeted products within four weeks. This is a great achievement, and a good incentive to take advantage of friendlyway’s “Product Guide” solution. The Product Guide application identifies products by their barcode (RF chip recognition will be added soon!) and imports the corresponding product details from a centralized database. It also has comprehensive functions for accessing all common ERP systems. This makes content updating not only easy and automatic, but also very cost-efficient. Please get in touch with us directly for further details. We will gladly tell you more about what our Product Guide system could do for your company!

Deployment areas: Product advice, promotion, exhibition advice
Product Guide


  • Product details and advice for sectors such as vehicle sales, real estate, food and beverages, travel, financial services, etc.
  • Product configurator with an intelligent filtering and recommendation system
  • Integration of dynamic real-time content from external databases
  • Scheduling of product promotions
  • Centralized usage statistics
  • Local administration of system-wide settings
  • Barcode- and RFID-based access/importing of product information


  • Easy operation via a centralized administration interface
  • Cost-efficient, competent customer advice
  • Employee support during sales; provision of in-depth background information
  • Increased turnover thanks to superior customer advice
  • Options for extending business hours


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